A NorDan window that is properly installed will work correctly, year after year. However, there may be minor factors that make the window go a little slower than necessary, such as paint on the locking pins in the corners and/or on the locking tongues. This paint can be removed, and it helps to apply a thin lubricating layer of Vaseline on the locking bolts and locking tongues so that they slide better.


It is uncommon for a NorDan window to leak; however, if this occurs, it is usually due to a minor factor, such as paint on the frame sealing. It is also possible that the window was closed before the paint or stain was dry, and that some of the paint or stain was left on the seal when it opened.

Operator errors (three-way window)

Very rarely, operator error of the window may occur. The top of the frame may descend, but remain stuck on the ball fitting in the right-hand corner. When this happens, there is no danger that the window may fall out of the frame and into the room.

What should I do?

  • First, ensure that the bottom handle is in the completely open position.
  • Raise the frame with your left hand back into place on the bottom sill and close the bottom handle.
  • Then close the window in the usual way from the ventilation (open at top) position.